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  • 3 Essential Tools for Starting a Podcast: A Beginner's Guide

    Starting a podcast can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. With the right tools, you can easily create a professional-sounding podcast that will connect with your audience and help you build a loyal following. In this blog post, we'll be sharing our top 3 recommended tools for starting a podcast, so you can begin your journey with confidence.

    Whether you're an aspiring podcaster looking to start your own show or a small business owner looking to use podcasting as a marketing tool, these tools will make the process of podcasting a lot more manageable. From audio recording software to podcast hosting platforms, we'll be covering everything you need to know to get started. So, if you're ready to take the first step on your podcasting journey, read on!

  • How to Make Money on Spotify

    Spotify has dramatically changed the way we listen to music, offering a vast library of songs that can be streamed on demand. With hundreds of millions of active users as of December 2022, it's no surprise that Spotify has become one of the most popular music streaming platforms in the world.

    The question at large is how do artists, music producers and music rights holders make money on Spotify? While it's true that streaming has disrupted traditional models of music monetization, there are still several ways for artists to generate additional income through the platform.

  • What is Mastering and Why is it Important?

    Mastering is the final step in the music production process, where audio engineers take a finished mix and enhance it for distribution. This process involves adjusting the levels, EQ, dynamics, and stereo imaging of a track to create a cohesive and professional-sounding final product.

    Mastering is an essential part of the music creation process, as it ensures that your tracks sound their best and are ready for release. It is also important for achieving consistent levels and quality across an entire album or EP, so that your tracks can be played back-to-back without any noticeable differences in sound quality.

  • To Stream Or Not To Stream - Should Artists Go Direct to Consumer?

    There needs to be another way where we can sell our music to consumers and get a better return, and one of those things are direct to consumer. Meaning you may sell it on your website, an actual piece of vinyl the actual cd merch, selling it directly to your customer so that this way you can charge what you feel is appropriate.
  • How To Make Sure You Get Paid: A Songwriter's, Producer, and Music Publisher's Guide to SongTrust

    As a songwriter or musician, it’s important to know that your music is being properly administered and that you are collecting all the royalties you are owed. A large number of songwriters and musicians spend a great amount of time creating and releasing music, but very few take the necessary steps to collect the royalties that their music is generating. Songtrust is one of the leading music publishing administration companies in the world, and they can help make sure you get what you deserve.
  • What is A&R in Today’s Music Industry?

    The A&R process is a term that stands for Artist & Repertoire. It is the process of scouting and signing artists to a record label. A&R executives are responsible for finding new talent, developing them, and positioning them with the right labels.

    A&R executives are also responsible for finding new talent, developing them, and positioning them with the right producers, songwriters and engineers.