• 4 Tips For Choosing An Entertainment Attorney

    You worked really hard to secure the deal, and they finally sent over the contract.  Congratulations! As you looked over the contract, you might have thought to yourself, “I can negotiate this without an attorney!”  After all, I perpetuated the deal, and did all the legwork, why should I pay the additional cost?
  • What Are NFT's And What You Need To Know

    When I was introduced to NFT’s, one of the first I ever saw was of this pop tart like cat with a rainbow that looked like it was streaming from its private regions.  Fast forward, little did anyone know that the pop tart rainbow cat was a viral meme that would eventually be sold at an online auction for approximately three hundred ETH (Ethereum). Ethereum is the second most popular crypto currency, and at the time of the sale 300 ETH was equivalent to nearly six hundred thousand dollars at the time. At the time of this writing, ETH is...

  • Why I Almost Quit The Music Business

    Common said it best, “I used to love her”  Her being hip-hop. My her was the music business overall.  You see, when I started my journey into the music business, I thought I wanted to be a rap star, nah fuck that, I wanted to be a mogul!  But as I grew into the business, I quickly realized that wasn’t what I truly wanted at all. My love for music started extremely young. Maybe that's why my parents made my brothers and I take piano lessons.  As I started to dive deep into the exploration of hip hop, my world...

  • Arkatech Beatz and Bria Lee Team Up For New Single

    On the heels of a new distribution deal with The Orchard (a subsidiary of Sony Music), platinum producers Arkatech Beatz (Mike”Trauma Dewar & Collin “Jugrnaut” Dewar) just dropped their first single off their Arkatech Beatz Ent (ABE) label, titled “On Fire” featuring Bria Lee, which already is getting grand reviews.

  • How Record Producer Southside Influenced Hip-Hop

    Record producer Southside has made a name for himself as one of the most influential producers in the rap game. His influences are many and varied, but he says that his music is mostly influenced by his hometown of Atlanta. Atlanta's hip-hop scene has been influenced by a number of different genres, including funk, R&B and soul ,as well as electronic dance music. He has produced for artists including T.I., Young Jeezy, Usher, G-Eazy and more.